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How can high quality public urban space be planned, designed and managed using urban ecosystem services as a driving force?

How can high quality public urban space be planned, designed and managed using urban ecosystem services as a driving force? How to harness development towards sustainability? The point of departure is the Cities and Biodiversity Outlook which is a global assessment of the links between urbanization, biodiversity and ecosystem services. Researchers and practitioners from Cape Town, South Africa, Vancouver, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden, will showcase their practices on sustainability and green structures and discuss how these experiences can be incorporated in city planning and policy.

Monday 3 September 14:30 - 16:30


14:30–14:35 Welcome and Presentation (Moderator Ms Britt Olofsdotter, Formas)

14:35–14:50 Cities and Biodiversity Outlook (Mr Andrew Rudd, Urban Planning and Design Branch, UN – Habitat)

14:55–15.15 Cape Town – Development and Conservation Demands in a Biodiversity Hotspot (Dr Pippin Andersson Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences & African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town and Dr Patrick O´Farrell, The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa)

15:20–15:40 Vancouver – Converting the Olympic Village into a Sustainable Community (Dr Patrick F Mooney, FCSLA, University of British Columbia Landscape Architecture Program and Ms Margot Long, FSCLA Principal PWL Partnership Ltd)

15:45–16:05 Stockholm – The Edge of Greening – the Green Wedges of Stockholm (Dr Erik Andersson, Department of System Ecology, Stockholm University and Mårten Wallberg, President, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation Stockholm Branch)

16:10–16:30 Discussion (Moderator Ms Britt Olofsdotter, Formas)

Address: Pavilion 5, Room 16, Viale J.F. Kennedy, 54 - 80125 - Napoli in Italy.


Contact: kristina.bjornberg@formas.se and peter.bylund@formas.se Webpage: www.formas.se

Swedish Research Council Formas in cooperation with Urban Nexus and Mistra Urban Futures



The mission of Formas is to promote and support basic research and need-driven research in the areas Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning. The research that is funded should be of the highest scientific quality and relevance to the areas of responsibility of the Council. Formas may also fund development projects to a limited extent.


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